Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga short for ‘Hatha Yoga in Shadow Style’ was founded by Shandor Remete.
It is a unique style, that has taken into account Western Lifestyle, while at the same time staying true to traditional Hatha Yoga Texts.
The structural approach brings clarity and empowers the student to establish Self Trust, Intuition, and a home practice.

The practice consists of Warm-ups, Prelude and Finishing Sequence. Movements are synchronized with (Ujayi) breathing.

Classic Asanas (Seats or nowadays Yoga Postures) are being introduced once the practitioner has shown some understanding of the basic principles.

Taking into account, that we all have unique bodies, we all need different things. Once introduced to the 3 Prelude Forms, the student chooses a practice, based on the personal days need. 

Stepping into Strength – Balakrama
Balakrama builds strength and stamina. This form makes the core of the body firm and removes stiffness from the joints. Co-ordination of breath and movement is developed. 

Moving the ShadowChaya Yoddha Sancalanam
The Prelude refines the coordination of body and breath with broader stance work and more elaborate movements of arms and legs. 

Garland of Light – Kartikkeya Mandala
Building on the other 2 Preludes, this level brings greater depth to the practice through deeper stances and spiralling movements.