Why do I have to RSVP to the open classes? I don’t want to sign up on meetup.com!

RSVP allows us to optimize usage of our  (relatively small ) space and we don’t have to turn away students at the door. We only take 8-10 students.

You can send us an email the first time you are coming so you don’t have to register on meetup. However, in the long run, registering on meetup.com is mandatory. It is free and you can use a fake email / name if you prefer.

Can I eat before class?

For optimum practice and wellbeing throughout, it’s recommended not to take any food 2-4 hours before class and to avoid drinking anything for up to an hour beforehand.

As we are working a lot with the abdominal area during practice, the digestive tract will be disturbed by food and feelings of nauseousness or sickness could occur.

Those of you who suffer from low blood-sugar can have something beforehand to avoid BP dropping.

Menstrual Cycle

Women should avoid strenuous activity during the first 3 days of menstruation. Since a yoga practice is very internal and works with the support of the lower torso it is not recommended to disturb the process of the first few days of flow.

If you are booked on a course, you are welcome to participate on that day by sitting and observing. Otherwise it is recommended to stay at home and rest.