PICT0022Martin Hunke

Martin previously was the director of Inner Heat Yoga in Berkeley, CA. After studying with several senior Iyengar and Astanga teachers, he met Zhander Remete in 1995 and has been committed to the study and practice of Shadow Yoga ever since. He teaches and lives in Berlin, Germany, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Martin has been teaching for close to 20 years and devoted to the classical teachings of hatha yoga, placing emphasis on clarity in intent and action to utilize this ancient tradition as a powerful tool for transformation and self-realization.


Alexandra KreisDSC_0054

After her first teacher certification (2002) she deepened her studies with Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) and his wife Emma Balnaves through the Shadow Yoga practice. In 2009 she completed her Shadow Yoga Teacher training and is a dedicated teacher.