The program is restricted to those who started in Oct 2018. If you are interested in joining this group, sign up for the Individual Practice Intro Course in March.

This program is for those who are interested in traditional Yoga. You don't have to be an advanced practitioner to participate but it will help if you desire to become one. For more information on how this program differs from typical Yoga classes today, please see my blog post. Also see Shadow Yoga and watch the videos.

We meet Mondays at 8:30am at Purple Yoga in Long Beach for a weekly 75min class. It is important that you attend classes regularly as the classes build on each other.

We are now enrolling students for the continuation of this program, Jan 14 to Feb 11.

What you will learn in this program: 

    Generally, the program is of a very practical nature. The following remarks may sound somewhat vague for the intellectual mind but are addressed in this program in a practical matter that you can feel.
  • How to feel and use internal energetic movements
    In Yoga terms, these are internal winds (vayus) that move via specific paths (nadis). Feeling these winds will greatly enhance your sensitivity.
  • How to master the primary yogasanas
    Most people think they can't do the traditional Yogasansas fully (padmasana, paschimottanasana, etc.) because of a lack of flexibility. It is actually a lack of preparation that keeps students from mastering these poses. If the legs and ankles are not properly prepared, the hips won't allow the necessary movements. Trying to practice poses such as Padmasana directly will lead to injury. This program will teach you how to gain much deeper movement in your hips by preparing the body with deeper squats and other movements that put weight on the legs.
  • How to refine your breath and generate heat
    The breath is the most important tool in Hatha Yoga. A refinded breath will be slow and rhythmic, even in challenging poses. This requires a good grasp of the bandhas (energetic regulators). This, in turn, will allow you to create internal heat (agni). Agni is the element of transformation. If you want to change the form of iron, it must be heated. It is similar for your body. Being able to generate and regulate internal heat is vital for a deeper Yoga practice.
  • How to use your sense organs
    By changing how you use your sense of touch, your gaze and hearing, you increase your sensitivity and awareness. Learning to control the sense organs during the practice of Yoga will strengthen your ability to direct what your mind focuses on.
  • And most importantly
    Over time, this practice will help you break through various illusions of the mind and help you find a new relationship to yourself and the world.

A note to teachers: This program is for your personal practice only. Over time, what you learn will inform your teaching but it will take years of practice before you really understand what is given and why. In the meantime, you would do your students a disservice if you pass on material to them outside of this program. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states: "A Yogi who desires success must keep this Hatha Yoga very secret indeed for unrevealed learning becomes potent and disclosed learning becomes impotent." There are several reasons for this which will be explained in more detail during the program.