Public Classes

Currently, all public classes are taught at Purple Yoga in Long Beach and Fullerton. Classes are for all levels; options are given to accomodate students independent of previous experience. Please do not eat before class. No need to sign up or register.

The classes do not teach Shadow Yoga (see below). However, they can be used as a preparation until you feel ready to sign up for a Shadow Yoga course.

Private Class

Private classes are very effective for students who want to improve their practice, or work with an injury. You will get most out of a private class if you have been taking classes with me for a while and then require additional attention when feeling "stuck".

If you are interested in a private class and are a student at Purple Yoga, please call Purple Yoga and book the private class through them. Otherwise, contact me directly.

Advanced Personal Practice

This program is for those who are interested in traditional Yoga. For more information on how that differs from typical Yoga classes, please see my blog. Also see Shadow Yoga.

We will meet Mondays at 8:30am in Long Beach for a weekly 70min class. Classes will build on each other making regular attendance critical. You must have at least one year of regular Yoga practice to be considered for this program.

Enrollment to this program starts now. The number of participants will be limited. 

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Shadow Yoga Courses

The traditional Hatha Yoga form Shadow Yoga as imparted to me by my teacher Shandor Remete is a practical teaching of the classical Hatha Yoga texts. I use the term Hatha Yoga here in its original meaning which refers to the preparation of the body and mind with the goal of attaining R??ja Yoga.

Because of its complexity, I teach Shadow Yoga only in courses which require students to also practice at home on a daily basis. New courses will be announced via my newsletter.

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